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Dear Bloom Community,

The pandemic changed how we see social connection. I took for granted the incredible spaces of connection I found from queer, ethically non-monogamous, kink, and creative community events. The pandemic reminded me what what life was like without access to community.

I started building software alongside my community organizer friends because I saw an opportunity to learn from them and support them in creating spaces built on shared values, accountability, and intention. Taking lessons from our early partners, Bloom’s community values are consent, communication, and respect; we practice accountability; and we help like-minded people meet in safer ways for authentic, deeper connection.

Bloom is created by the community for the community. We’re a team with deep roots in the local scenes we’re contributing to, and we listen to the feedback from our 10,000+ members and organizers to inform what we build for you all. Every day we hear stories of how you’ve met friends and partners and roommates and found amazing events and communities through Bloom, and we want to continue supporting these connections.

We recently began raising money from investors and received unexpected community enthusiasm. While at this time we can only accept investment from accredited investors, we hear you and want to give you all an easy way to contribute. Our philosophy is that everyone should have access to Bloom to find connection and community regardless of their personal financial resources, and we now offer members the option to contribute to Bloom’s long term sustainability at a level that is available to them. By selecting the amount that is comfortable for you, you’ll receive a SuperBloomer icon on your profile and the knowledge that you are helping Bloom Community exist and thrive.

If you are interested in becoming a SuperBloomer and helping more people find connection and community, you can become a SuperBloomer by going into Profile tab -> click on Settings (the gear icon) ⚙️ -> Subscriptions. If you are viewing this page on mobile and have Bloom Community already installed you can also click here. Thank you so much for your feedback and support - let’s keep building this magical community together.


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