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sex in the news

Noa’s top-of-mind

Chats and the Bloom’s role in moderation. This past month has surfaced several questions associated with having open community chats. Some of the questions that are alive for me are: who decides what’s “on topic”, and who gives feedback to those who hurt others with their words. Send me your thoughts!



So much in the news this week, so I’m sharing 3 “#trending” tidbits.



NPR released a beginner’s guide to non-monogamy.

[ ] be honest with your partner

[ ] evaluate what relationship structure you want

[ ] reframe the role of jealousy

[ ] find a community that will support you

^^ Where are you on your checklist?



From sex sells —> to sex wellness sells.

G-spot just released their new drink “arouse” which comes with adaptogens and nootropics: butterfly pea, L-arginine, and L-cirtulline. I am delighted that g-spot, sexual wellness, and butterfly pea are getting their spotlight in mainstream media. And.. I appreciated this post by the Little Leaf Agency calling out the hypocrisy between who is allowed to speak about sex in public and who’s not.



Color-coded handkerchiefs make a comeback! Pear Ring revealed that the dating app Thursday is behind the green-ring movement. I love the idea of signaling what you are open to, and creating a simple way to bridge the awkward gap of connection. Does anyone own a pear ring? I’d love to hear your experience!


Community Spotlight:

Shoutout to the creative bold people working in sex-tech. Athena Gayle is one of those people and one of my favorite voices to follow on LinkedIn for sex-tech news. I connected with Athena a few months ago and she explained that “It’s not taboo unless we call it taboo”, a mindset that has allowed her copy to show up in Times Square. If you’re looking for an email copywriter- check out Athena.


Growing Bloom:

Check out our NYC Halloween Digest that Violet on our team wrote. Happy Costuming.

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