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1212 Portal Reiki Energy Healing

Join us for a Reiki healing to support yourself in receiving light codes and high vibrational frequencies during this powerful 1212 portal.

"According to Merkabah mysticism, 12:12 is a code portal that, when you enter in resonance with it, activates your Merkabic field. When this happens, you are in alignment with the human heart connecting to the Unity Consciousness."

A Reiki energy healing during the potent 1212 Portal will help accelerate fully awakening your DNA by opening your energetic channels (chakras) to receive light codes, additional activations and high vibrational frequencies coming through to support the collective ascension to 5D and unity consciousness.

The sacred number code 1212 is unlocked on the 12th day of the 12th month, and represents moving to a higher state of consciousness. 12 is also a number of completion and ending. We have 12 months in the year and 12 signs in the zodiac. When we have moved through all 12, we begin to form a clearer picture about the whole. Under the energy of 1212, something may come to a completion point, and we may find that all the pieces of the puzzle come into play. We may feel that we finally have the answers, or all that has been lost has now been found. It is also particularly auspicious that 1212 coincides with New Moon.

Join us for guided meditation, Reiki energy healing and sound to bring you to a more balanced state of mind, peace and clarity.

Facilitator Bio:

Virpal Kaur - Reiki Master, Wild Woman Circle Leader, Rainbow Warrior

As a traditional Reiki Master from the Usui lineage, with an ancestral background of being a life-long seeker of truth (a Sikh), Virpal Kaur is a guide and facilitator for those on their healing journey back home to themselves. Her passion is to uplift members of her human family to live authentically, in personal sovereignty and in alignment with their highest truth.

She is particularly devoted to supporting women in connecting with their own divinity + womb power + voices, supporting other healers, as well as raising the voices of people of color and indigenous communities who hold the original instructions of how to care for our beloved Mother Earth. She supports her community through 1:1 Reiki Sessions (in-person & remote), Reiki Trainings, Women’s Circles, Reiki Sound Healings, Plant Medicine Ceremonies and hosts workshops.

She is currently reconnecting with her harmonium and ancestral roots of Kirtan, connecting more with the power of sound and voice and being of service where the Divine calls her to. Virpal’s mission is to remind all of her relations of our connection to each other, to our beloved Mother Earth and all of her beings, and to never forget this.