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A Date with Danger 👁️‍🗨️ A Noir FRESH MEET

Oct 6th
12 AM - 4 AM


Away from prying eyes,

beyond these rain-slicked streets, 

hidden behind Venetian blinds, 

is a place where you can rub shoulders

with the most notorious shysters,

magnetic mobsters, 

Fresh femme fatales,

and scorching red hots.

This Meet is the kind of gin joint few know and fewer dare to go.

Where even the jazz trio has a rap sheet.

And getting dizzy with a dame becomes

a dance with the devil in the flick of a switchblade. 

In this down-and-dirty town, you have two choices:

play it safe or play to win.

And with the hand you’ve been dealt?

I’d go all in, if I was you. 

Join us in the secret lair

 for a noir so dark you can't hardly see right from wrong. 


A live jazz trio to snare you, string you up, and give you a good kick.


Surprise performances to snap your cap and leave you crushed.


Cocktails so dangerous, they’re positively lethal. 


And experiences you’ll keep your trap shut about, or else. 

The Dress Code is

Notorious Noir

So don your nicest threads, mobster suits, most fatal dresses, 

dapper detective dandiest, and live the seedy 1940’s fantasy.

Want to lend your reputation to this corrupt operation? 

Reach Out.

🧨 🧨 🧨

Fresh Meet is a social mixer for ENM, polyam, 

non-traditional + curious folx

to connect over cocktails and throwback grooves.

Whether you’re already deep into the scene,

dipping in for the first time, or just an open-minded reveler

looking for a good hang, we got you.

Mingle, flirt, play our weird-ass party games,

enjoy the drink specials, and maybe even

takeaway a tasty lil midnight snaq.

Questions? Check our FAQs.