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Abbale, a dance theater memoir

Jun 16, 2:30 AM -
Jun 18, 10:30 PM
  • Hosted by Bodies in Play
  • San Francisco, CA -
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Named the #1 "Thing to Do" by the LA Times in its premier weekend.

Abbale, a dance-theater memoir, “deftly braids three stories, each complexly colored with nostalgia and reflection”: 

3 fatherly relationships, spanning 3 decades and 3 different cultures are woven together as one man tries to understand just what it means to fill Daddy’s shoes. With compelling nuance and deep introspection, dance and theater collide through a series of moving stories and provocative choreography, getting at the heart of being a child, a lover, and a creator.

“Pearson is deeply intentional with each sentence, just as he is with each meaningful movement — that’s what makes this piece work […] There is full-body commitment in everything he does.”

- Celine Kiner, LA Dance Chronicle

Who’s Your Daddy?

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