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[FREE] Accountability in Community

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Consent at Bloom

This workshop is part of the Consent Skillz education program. Bloom is partnering with key consent and DEI educators to grow our community knowledge on how to respectfully engage on this platform.

This workshop is free to attend. You will find the recording of this workshop, along with the recordings of all past Bloom consent workshops in our Consent Hub []

Event Description

The project of progressive liberation extends beyond sexuality, race, class, and gender; we must also revolutionize our understanding of accountability, harm, and justice. This means questioning long-held cultural assumptions such as the “right to face an accuser,” “innocent until proven guilty,” and the thinking that certain actions are objectively more serious than others. These may work at a national level but tend to break up communities. We review the emerging trends in community-based accountability, including restorative and transformative justice, public calls for feedback, and support pods. We honor the social, political, and racial origins of alternative justice modalities. Then we discuss the various challenges of applying these systems within different kinds of communities, especially transient and/or primarily social ones like collectives, communes, or scenes. Through simple, easy-to understand frameworks and scenario analyses based on real-life situations, participants emerge with a set of criteria for assessing the safety of the spaces they might enter, and a few effective practices for navigating conflict in their own lives. 

Host Bio

Mischa Byruck (He/him) is a sexual integrity coach based in Oakland, CA. He specializes in supporting leaders to take accountability for sexual harm. He also leads courses and workshops on sexual integrity, kink, and consent. He is the consent education partner of Bonobo Network, the Bay Area’s premiere sex-positive community organization, and the official accountability referral partner of The Consent Academy.