Bloom Community

An Evening of Qigong, Acupuncture & Sound Healing with Maryzelle & Sean Fox

Oct 5th
2:45 AM - 4:45 AM
  • Hosted by The Center SF
  • San Francisco, CA -

Release all tension and fully open your energy channels to receive your highest calling.

We will open by connecting with the circle, sharing our healing intentions, co-creating an altar and setting sacred space. From this grounded place of connection we move through an all-levels Wellness Qigong practice to breathe, stretch and flow into harmonious alignment, open our meridian channels and activate our energetic fields. Finally we will weave together into a group acupuncture mandala and receive a blissful sound healing bath of song, mantra, singing bowls and vibrational medicine.

The effects of acupuncture include opening our Qi fields, allowing the vibrational medicine to resonate even more profoundly through the layers of our being. We rest deep into ourselves to find greater relaxation, release what’s no longer needed and create space for the body and mind to balance and heal. By joining together in the ceremony of community we empower the potency of collective resonance and intentions, leaving us deeply connected, nourished and aligned.

15 min Opening circle

45 Min Qigong

An entire hour of relaxing and receiving Acupuncture & Soundbath

Sound Baths are known to promote overall health in the physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, and energetic bodies. Through relaxing the entire nervous system through calming and scientifically-tuned quartz crystal bowls, we find ourselves in a tranced and restorative state. Our soundbath this evening will include 7 different individual Chakra Crystal bowls , with each bowl attuning to the same frequencies of each chakra. Whenever the physical, emotional, and energetic body receives the vibrations to the chakra system through pure crystal healing bowls, the chakra system is brought to a more balanced and harmonized state. Thus promoting your wellness and wellbeing in ways like an improvement in mood, sleep, focus, digestion, and much more. Expect to feel rejuvenated and fully rested afterwards.

All Levels and All Bodies Welcome

Sean T Fox is a student and teacher of Life devoted to personal and global health. An Acupuncturist, Sound Healer, Musician, Yoga and Qigong Teacher, Sean T has cultivated a broad perspective of wellness which weaves across centuries, continents and cultures. Bringing a grounded and practical awareness to holistic healing, he offers a wide variety of wellness practices to help you feel balanced, healthy and whole. This all comes together with an open-hearted passion for being in service and sharing these gifts.

Maryzelle’s first love was the drums and from then on, she had been in numerous bands as a drummer, and has toured throughout the country as a rock & roll, psychedelic, and ambient musician. She studied percussion and sound therapy at Mills college. While studying music in college, she also received her 200 HR training as a yoga teacher, and has worked hands on as the college’s yoga assistant. From there, she truly bloomed into her love of healing through music and movement. Along with banging the drums and evolving spiritually, she tapped into her divine goddess mission into sound therapy. Over the past couple years, she has been hosting and creating soundbaths with crystal quartz bowls, tibetan bowls, electric guitar, african drums, gongs, electronics, divinity, and love.

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