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Anxiously Intimate Men's Retreat - San Francisco

Our retreat is designed to help you understand your attachment style and learn how to develop deeper relationships with friends & loved ones

A two-day in-person retreat for men with anxious and avoidant attachment styles to help develop healthier relationships with themselves and others.

Develop a healthier attachment style and gain confidence in yourself.

Are you seeking an in-person retreat to understand your attachment style and develop stronger and more satisfying relationships?

You’ll leave the two-day retreat with a solid sense of your attachment style and how to find more security in yourself and your relationships. You will be led by experienced professionals trained in helping men learn their attachment style, develop healthier coping skills, and create deeper relationships with themselves and others. Our retreat will be based on the writings of David Khalili, LMFT, and his book “Mental Health Workbook for Men.”

Our retreat will include meditation, movement, group processing, individual coaching, and solo time for processing and integration. Participants will leave with a workbook and refined goals and clarity on their next steps for building a more secure attachment style.

The Anxiously Intimate Men’s Retreat is right for you if you want to stop:

  • Checking your phone for a response from your date?
  • Feeling anxious when your partner leaves town?
  • Feeling defensive and on edge?

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