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At Your Service: Topping from Submission with PandaPet and HypnoStory!

Oct 7th
6 PM - 8 PM
  • Hosted by Black Thorn
  • 50 people on the list-

Helping submissives understand their power for better scenes.

Imagine a little topping their Daddy, all giggles and innocence. Or a submissive, deep in subspace, finding themselves effortlessly weaving a journey for their Dominant. Or an obedient girl becoming a seductive Goddess, worshiping and being worshiped. For panda, these scenarios are all very different pictures of the same act - service topping.

PandaPet and HypnoStory invite you to come as you are, with an open mind, to explore the numerous possibilities of service topping from a place of sincere submission, without relinquishing your identity. Learn how rewarding and powerful that experience can be for both you and your Dominant. This is the niche class that gives permission to bottoms and s-types of all flavors of kink to live their truth.

For those in need of a scholarship ticket, please reach out to Jezebel (

Instructor Bios

HypnoStory (they/them) loves to share the joy and power of hypnosis with most anyone who will listen. They have been doing various forms of hypnosis for over 25 years, and have taught for Charmed!, Entranced, NEEHU, KinkyCon, and The Fetish Fair Fleamarket among others. In addition to erotic and recreational hypnosis, they occasionally perform as a stage hypnotist and work with clients using hypnosis for personal growth. Together with their triad partners Yoshi and Panda, they run New Hampshire Hypnokink and CONsolation (a Discord server that presents kink education).

PandaPet (it/they) is a pansexual, polyamorous pet with a penchant for the use of alliteration. It has been a longstanding member of the New England and DC/NoVa communities, and has taught for a fair number of hypnosis and kink conferences. A tireless volunteer, it has also worked behind the scenes on educational programming at a handful of kink conventions for the past ten years. It co-founded CONsolation (a Discord community that offers kink education) with it's master HypnoStory and partner Yoshi. Unashamedly itself in all things, it is an advocate for the darklings, pets, ageplayers, neurodivergent, and queerdos of our community.