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Attractive AF

Do you want to…

  • Get YOUR needs met & have as much sxx as you want?
  • Have deep connection that lasts?
  • Have more money & success?

Imagine walking into a room and the person you most want to connect with walks up to YOU, and your entire life changes as a result.

Like my client Larry who not only found new love, but accomplished his life-long dream of performing a one man show at the Hollywood Fringe Festival.

Or my client Russ who went from depressed and alone to confidently dating and owning his worth.

Welcome to Attractive AF!

I this masterclass I’ll show you exactly how you can have everything you truly want in your relationships no matter what that looks like.

If you've struggled with feeling lonely, sxxually unfulfilled, or find yourself stuck between fear of rejection and the pain of regret this is the workshop for you!

You’ll learn the secret 3 STEP SYSTEM TO ABUNDANT LOVE & MONEY

So you can feel hot AF with the confidence to approach anyone without fear, and magnetically attract those you most want to connect with!

Reclaim your sxxuality and your life NOW!

If you’re asking “can I have what I truly want if I’m…

  • Single…the answer is yes!
  • Polyamorous…the answer is yes!
  • In a LTR…the answer is yes!

So get your ticket NOW and get what you truly want!


This is a donation based event.

Suggested donation is $15 per person.

Nobody will be turned away for lack of funds, and those with extra can pay it forward by donating as much as you desire!

There is also a LIVE LAB of this event in San Diego on Black Friday, Nov. 24th!

Register here:

PS- If you don't want to wait another day to get these results, go to and book a call now!