Auntie Midori's Practical Advice for the New Tops & Dominants

Mar 29th
2 AM - 4 AM
  • Hosted by Boundless
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Are you curious about BDSM? Are you just beginning to explore top or dominant side? Do you find all the information out there a bit intimidating, confusing, or impractical? Bring all your questions to Midori’s class and she’ll tackle them; No BS – All practical.

If you want to:

  • Feel more confident and have successful, kinky, fun scenes
  • Better understand what your partner is asking for
  • Learn how to discover you and your partner’s desires
  • Get advice on how to select the right toys to make your steamy fantasies a reality
  • Learn about some exciting and unexpected pervertibles
  • Avoid harming your partner while keeping the thrill

Auntie Midori’s here to help! She’ll share practical tips, easy ways to get started, and how to avoid common mistakes. She’s prone to confess tales of her spectacular goofy bloopers too.  

All are welcome whether you like to top, bottom or switch it up; Whether you’re new or experienced, and regardless of whoever you like to play with.

Please bring your questions, note taking material, and your curiosity to class.


Dubbed “The Super Nova of Kink” by Dan Savage, Midori is an artistic visionary who has touched lives across the globe with her expertise in sexuality, personal fulfillment, and kinky adventures. Using her “head-heart-hands” methodology she facilitates tackling challenging topics and creating space where people are allowed individual self-exploration. Her incredible passion is fully on display in her transformative small group intensives, including Rope Dojo ®, ForteFemme: Women’s Dominance Weekend Intensive, and The Wanted Man intensive with Marcia Baczynski.

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