Bloom Community

Awakening Life Passion and Purpose

Discover a counter-intuitive way of recognizing and developing your purpose with much more ease and joy.

We receive so much random information about “finding your purpose” or “following your bliss” to live a fulfilling life.

But what does that actually mean? And how can one “do” that?

This workshop is designed to help you detox all the shadowy, useless beliefs you have been handed about life purpose, so you can be free of the pressure, shame, worry, and fear people tend to carry about purpose...

And discover a more successful and way more fun way of leaning into purpose and passion.

Because “purpose” may be much closer than you actually thought… and this workshop offers a practical way to get out of analyzing your life and into living it. 

This workshop is for you if:

  • You want to live a life of deep meaning yet it often feels beyond your grasp.
  • You have tried to intellectually "analyze" where your purpose might be… And not gotten very far.
  • You would like a clear step to help you lean into passion and purpose. 
  • You feel like you have wasted time and it may be too late to experience deep purpose or passion in your life.
  • The idea of a “purpose” brings both deep excitement and deep anxiety for you.

In this workshop you will:

  • Recognize the ways your doubts, fears, and beliefs are getting in the way of living a life of radical meaning.
  • Identify a very different, counter-intuitive way of recognizing and living your purpose.
  • Find a way to start healing the anxiety that can arise around “purpose” so this journey can be muuuuch easier.
  • Develop clear steps to experience more purpose and passion in each day. 
  • Be part of a supportive community of big hearted folks who all want to bring more purpose and meaning into their life.

About the Facilitator

Nick Shrewsbury is an ICF-certified leadership coach, a certified court mediator, and a registered yoga and meditation teacher. His work revolves around helping people to resolve their blind spots- the counterproductive and unrecognized habits that create discord in their heart, their work, and their relationships. Nick's work draws from evidence-based neuropsychology as well as from ancient meditation traditions. He lives with wolves in a remote sanctuary in the Colorado mountains for part of each year.