Beginners Rope Jam

Jul 9th
2 AM - 5 AM
  • Hosted by VoxBody Studio
  • Oakland, CA -
  • 101 people on the list-

VoxBody Studio is excited to present a monthly beginners rope jam, made especially for those of you who are new to rope and CURIOUS to try it out!

Just discovered rope bondage and wondering what all the buzz is about? Looking for an intriguing new practice for yourself or with your partner? Seeking community in your rope journey? 

Join us on second Fridays for this event that will be a mix of rope instruction, open practice and social time! 

Each jam begins with a hands-on introductory rope bondage lesson. We'll get started with a brief Consent Warm-Up exercise (because consent matters!) and then move into hands-on guided tying instruction. Lessons are intended to be light and fun and give you a taste of the many possibilities in rope! 

The second half of the jam is dedicated to open tying time, socializing, and practicing your newfound rope skills. Blue, Moxie and Ivy will be on-hand to assist you in your rope practice, answer your questions, and guide you as you learn about the studio, rope and where this adventure may lead you. 

A few notes about the beginner jams:

  • Sign up solo or with friend(s)! Ties will be shown with both self-tying and partner-tying options. 
  • We will be utilizing a sticker-indicator system so that attendees have the opportunity to meet new folks to tie with or can opt to self-tie, with no pressure for one choice or the other. 
  • Even with the sticker system, please remember that we cannot guarantee you will match up with someone to tie with on any given evening: the number of attendees attending solo varies, peoples' social moods and capacities vary. We are not a matchmaker and ask that you arrive open-minded, curious, and with appropriate expectations for what may, or may not be, possible. We will always show the exercises as self-ties, so no matter what happens, anyone can absolutely still participate! 
  • We will have loaner rope for you to use for the event and rope for sale afterwards. If you have your own rope, bring it! You will need 1-3 lengths of rope, preferred jute, hemp or cotton at 6mm diameter. 
  • If you are new to rope and considering enrolling in our 14-month CORE CURRICULUM, we recommend attending at least two beginners jams first.
  • If you are new to the studio, please read through our FAQ page before attending an event; it will answer so many of your questions!
  • Please take time to read through our Studio Policies before attending an event at VoxBody! 
  • Doors will close at 7:30pm once we get started with the lesson. Sorry no exceptions. You are welcome to stay for the duration of the event or leave when you feel ready! 

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