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Bliss and Power: Private Coaching Sessions

Oct 1, 7 PM -
Dec 31, 8 PM

Let's spend 6 weeks expanding your female orgasmic nature! This package includes 6 hour-long sessions, just you and me, via zoom and costs $1000.

  • We will explore your unique sexuality and ways to deepen your intimacy and self-love, and widen your experience of pleasure.
  • We will seek out pleasure from more sources, of different flavors, and in new ways.
  • We will gently release limiting beliefs, alchemize past wounds, and integrate tricky emotions.
  • I will guide you through a de-armoring practice to reclaim and cleanse your your sexual center.
  • I will also guide you through a ritual to rewild your senses and embody a new sexual archetype.

Some of the tools we will use include:

  • energy movement
  • breath awareness
  • somatic and embodiment practices
  • sounding
  • meditation and trance states

You will emerge feeling:

  • more confident in your sexual expression
  • more knowledgeable about your body
  • more attuned to pleasure
  • more empowered and trusting of yourself

This package is for womxn and nonbinary beings who are reasonably comfortable with (or would like to be more comfortable with) female anatomy. It is not appropriate for cis-men.

I currently only have 2 spots available. Please reach out for a free chat before booking to make sure we are a good fit.