ALISON LEIBY: Oh God, A Show About Abortion

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The breakout comedy performance of the year comes to Pittsburgh! NEW YORK TIMES BEST POLITICAL COMEDY OF 2021, PRESENTED BY ILANA GLAZER!

Alison Leiby's summer started with a bang and ended with a visit to Planned Parenthood. In between she had two root canals, a very scary trip to the "Fertility" section of a Missouri CVS and a dozen meltdowns about what you wear to your abortion, naturally. In her new show described as “humane and deeply funny” by The New York Times, she walks through the stupid minutiae, the backwards practices, and the surprising perspective that come with exercising your reproductive rights.

Bottlerocket Says

Following an acclaimed (check out those reviews below!!!!) sold out off-broadway run at the famed Cherry Tree Theater, we are proud to present Alison Leiby's poignant and hilarious one woman show at Bottlerocket. It's timely, it's pointed, it's humane, and most importantly it's really funny. Presented by the illustrious Ilana Glazer, this is a show you do NOT want to miss.

Critics Say

“An understated, humane and deeply funny examination of the experience of having an unwanted pregnancy and an abortion — Alison Leiby uses observational comedy to reframe a political question at a critical moment for reproductive rights. Leiby proves that light comedy can be as pointed and meaningful as that which advertises its own weightiness.” -Jason Zinoman, The New York Times


INSIGHTFULLY FUNNY. In a smart and entertaining show, full of observations about the sometimes painful messiness of female bodies, her trip to Planned Parenthood is the least dramatic, most calmly straightforward part. Telling the truth about abortion — speaking of those experiences in a culture where abortion remains heavily stigmatized — well, that is rare.” — The New York Times

“Not only has she taken on the task of making abortion funny—at which she succeeds—but now she’s also trying to make audiences laugh at the humdrum realities of abortion during a historical moment when the subject feels red-hot and radioactive. Of course, abortion is so much more than a medical procedure, and “Oh God” is funniest when Leiby zigs and zags around women’s reproductive issues. Infused with bouts of sincerity and self-inquiry, many of her set’s most serious moments are high points.” — The New Yorker

Alison Leiby

Alison Leiby is a Brooklyn-based writer and comedian. She was a co-producer on Amazon's “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel.” She’s written for Comedy Central's "The President Show” and “The Opposition with Jordan Klepper,” and she also did punch-up on “Broad City.” She also executive-produced Ilana Glazer's “Comedy Time Capsule” and Ilana's Amazon stand-up special, “The Planet is Burning.” Other credits include Hulu's “Triumph Election Special” and Cartoon Network's “Teenage Euthanasia.” Alison's been published in McSweeney's, Vice, Cosmo, Marie Claire, and she's written several humor pieces for The New York Times. Alison also co-hosts Irony Point's popular podcast "Ruined," with Crooked Media's Halle Kiefer. Alison's twitter profile, which has over 25k followers, has also been featured in several publications.

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