Brat Support Group #4 - Service

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BRATS are the true litmus test of Domming. There is no "one-brat-fits-all." Arguably one of the most diverse groups of submissives.

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Are you a brat? Do you feel misunderstood? Are people making assumptions about you when all you really want is to be heard and given attention? Maybe you're a brat who *does* like punishment but feel bad for perpetuating an assumption. Maybe you're a brat who likes their autonomy. Maybe you're a brat with zero desire to "be tamed." Or maybe you're a lover of brats or found yourself with one and don't know what to do....

BRATS are the true litmus test of Domming. There is no "one-brat-fits-all." Arguably one of the most diverse groups of submissives.

Maybe you're delving into your bratty ways but you're scared to fully jump into the pool. And rightfully so, with all these Walmart "Doms" out there, it's easy to mishandle a brat.

The topic of this Brat Support Group is SERVICE! Sometimes it can feel like the polar opposite of service which feels more intuned with "staying in line." We are going to explore how to brattify service or any other mundane/orderly kink to make it fun for you too!

This support group is open to all genders, orientations and lifestyles. We will start with about an hour of discussion picking apart comment brat misconceptions, classifying various "types" of brats, and the corresponding tactics for interacting with them. Then we will delve into the specific of service and why is it appealing, as well as the ways this classically misaligns with a brats ethos. Finally, we give tactics and ideas of what service can look like in a brats world!

At the end, we will open up the floor for brats to speak and their counterparts to listen. This is a safe(r) space for Brats to speak freely, so any non-brats will have to save their questions for text or after all Brats have spoken.

The goal for this group is to provide a positive and beneficial space to share and better ourselves. There will be a container set as to prevent it from becoming an all out complaining zone - though there will be room for that as well.

8:00pm EDT - 9:15pm EDT - Brat Re-Education.

9:15pm EDT - 9:30pm EDT - Brat Support Group - Open Forum

*MOST* definitions of what a brat "is" on the internet are horse shit. Here is one that is okay:

“A brat is someone who enjoys being mischievous, disobedient, and cheeky to their partner, usually lightheartedly and in expectation of a reaction from their partner. Brattiness may be temporary or enduring”.

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