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Breathe - Thanksgiving Decompression - Featuring Massage, Cuddle Room and More

  • Hosted by AfterDark Events
  • Oakland, CA -
  • 145 people on the list-

Breathe is a different kind of kink party that marries wellness and play. Our minds and bodies take the beating that life constantly throws at us. Spend an afternoon at Breathe and let your stresses melt away for a few hours.

What makes Breathe different?

  • We're hiring massage therapists from the community to come in on this Sunday afternoon to help you relax and unwind.
  • We’re limiting attendance to about half the usual party size, so the event feels well attended but not crowded.
  • Breathe was the first dungeon party in the area to feature a cuddle area - and still does!
  • Outdoor play area (weather dependent)
  • Upstairs dungeon available for socializing & play.
  • An entire building filled with softer surfaces to play on.
  • Indoor and outdoor social areas
  • Chill tracks to help set the mood.

We invite you to come join us at Breathe to unwind, relax, and play. Hang out with old friends and make new ones while spending a chill afternoon at a fun and eclectic sex-positive venue in the East Bay.


We will have ice-breakers at the party to help you meet new people! You can also make new connections by meeting and chatting with others who are coming to this party ahead of time by checking out Breathe, here on the Bloom Community app.

In addition - we will be using a wristband system to help people navigate social interactions. People who are comfortable being respectfully approached about the possibility of play will be wearing yellow wristbands. If you see someone wearing a red wristband, that indicates that they prefer to not be approached about play. Let them bring up play to you, don’t bring it up to them.


A small dungeon exists at the venue and will be open for play. There is a whole “fuck cottage” for erotic play. Enjoy the kinky furniture, hang out in the back cottage, cuddle all afternoon - or get creative and show us how else you use the space in kinky and sexy ways. We will be creating a quieter non-sexual cuddle area for ace folks, for aftercare, and for those looking to get away from the excitement of the play areas.

Dress Code

Wear what you want! There is no dress code for this relaxing afternoon party. Wear what makes you happy, whether that means fetishwear, cosplay, pajamas, jeans, onesies, rubber, latex, or leather. Anything goes, just be authentically you! That being said, putting in a little effort may help you be more successful making new connections.

All Are Welcome

This party is for adults aged 18 and older of all gender identities, sexual orientations, relationship configurations, races, ethnicities, body types, roles, and experience levels. We expect all attendees to honor the diversity of our communities. We will not tolerate behavior or language to the contrary at our events.

The Details

  • Where: Private venue in Oakland, CA.
  • When: Sunday November 27th 2022, 1pm -5pm


Presale tickets are required - the venue address will only be sent to ticket holders. Ticket prices are tiered as follows. All tickets include a rapid COVID test.

  • Up to November 17th: $60
  • November 18th to November 26th (Week of Event): $75
  • November 27th (Day of event): $100
  • Financial Access: $25
  • Volunteer: $15

If you are a member of one of our partner affinity groups, please check with your group for discount codes that may be available.

A portion of all ticket sales will go towards enabling access to the event for low-income community members. Financial access tickets may be purchased on the ticket page while they remain available. Volunteer tickets help defray the cost of rapid testing. Your regular ticket fees help cover venue rent, rapid tests, security, catering, performers, and other professional service fees, food, decorations, A/V, purchase and maintenance of play equipment, paying the guest hosts and so much more. AfterDark believes in paying people for their time, knowledge and experience. We are also putting aside a portion of all excess revenue to put towards acquiring a permanent home for AfterDark.

This event will sell out in advance of the event date. Purchase your tickets as early as possible for the best available prices and to secure your spot - don’t miss out! We sometimes get a few cancellations the days leading up to the event so place yourself on the waiting list if this event has sold out.


Element is presented by the AfterDark Events team each of whom bring many years of experience organizing events in the kinky community. Feel free to reach out to them at @AfterDark-Events on Fetlife or with any questions or concerns before, during or after the event.

COVID-19 Safety

For everyone’s safety, you’ll need to pass a COVID-19 rapid test at the door. You are required to have had a full first round of vaccines and at least one booster.

More COVID-19 Safety Information


We are monitoring the situation regarding Monkeypox. We encourage everyone to bring themselves up to speed on this virus and set their risk management practices accordingly. See this CDC page for relevant information that you may find useful. As a reminder make sure you use the provided cleaning supplies before and after playing.

Consent is Paramount

Part of our responsibility in fostering a consent culture is to provide some guidance to help prevent consent incidents from happening at our events.

Please make sure you read and understand our Consent and General Guidelines before you come to any AfterDark event. By coming to an event you acknowledge that you understand the rules and agree to abide by them. If you have any questions or need clarifications on any of our rules or guidelines please contact us before coming to an event.

Any consent concerns can be confidentially given to the hosts at the event, on Fetlife @AfterDark-Events on Fetlife or by email at

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