Cannabis Service and Kink

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House of Kush Disclaimer

This class is intended to describe Cannabis Service between experienced cannaseurs in a well, established dynamic that values body autonomy and explicit, informed and coherent consent. Consent to engage in Cannabis Service cannot be given under the influence of any substance for this play. Any agreement for cannabis service should be opt in and and must be prior to permission.

Class Description

With the ongoing legalization of Marijuana, there is also an uprise in the desire for service around Cannabis. This class will walk us through some of the fun things we can do with Cannabis. From doobie and blunt service to eating ash and intox play. Come get a different look at how some folks can get their med needs met with fancy service.

Presenter’s Bio

Scout, International Mr. Bootblack 2014, is a man with a passion for all things boots and leather-related. A founding member of the PDX Bootblacks and a self-identified sadist, Sir, Grandpa, and Bootblack, Scout has been building the leather community for almost 20 years. Scout likes to get around to spread his enthusiasm for our lifestyle to others. He is margalinsed in a list of ways and Scout is committed to making the leather world accessible and welcoming to people like him. He Is one of the producers of Kinky Queer Weekend an event dedicated to centering those often found on the edges of the community. Leather, boots, bondage, ball-busting, fisting, and roughhousing are just the sexy tip of the iceberg with Scout. In his free time he can be found going on road trips, working with his leather family, and snuggling his service dog!

House of Kush does NOT support scening under the influence of cannabis while under bondage nor with implements nor under any form of enthusiastic consent/CNC duress play. We do support sensual smoke play AFTER enthusiastic consent is given in a coherent, sober and prior to permission state and BEFORE the usage of any THC infused cannabinoids.

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