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Conscious Awakening Sound Bath Ceremony for Women & Femmes

  • Hosted by Viv la Queer, M.A.
  • San Diego, CA -
  • 14 people on the list-

Sacred ceremony, to tap into higher states of consciousness for healing, creativity and pleasure in a womxn + femmes centered space.

Join us for a sacred awakening tea ceremony with an accompanying sound bath in order to experience the power of tapping into non-ordinary states of consciousness as a community.

We will convene with the medicine spirit guides in gratitude, set our intentions and go on a sound bath journey to enhance and integrate the conscious awakening experience.

⚡️ Secure your spot via Eventbrite ↠

Arrive by 11:30 am - doors will close to protect the integrity of the space

Bring a blanket, water and dress in layers to be able to accomodate temperature fluxuations. We will have mats and spaces for you to rest on during the sound journey.

💜 This event is for women, femmes and gender-fluid folks

🎪 This is an indoor event. If you feel unwell, woozy or unsure of your health status the day of our Ceremony, please stay home

📍 Location is disclosed to ticket holders

Please note we end event registration 48 hours before the event.

Limit 6 participants.

This event is facilitated by sound Priestess, Viv la Queer, M.A., a gender-prismatic, trauma informed psychedelic-assisted therapy practitioner. This event is designed to center the healing and experiences of women, femmes and gnc folks who are committed to the road of self-awareness through non-ordinary experiences which often includes collaborating with plant medicine.

DISCLAIMER: The events by Cosmic Glue are for entertainment purposes and are NOT to be taken in place of professional or medical advice. Attending Cosmic Glue events does not mean you are under the care of a licensed professional, consult your doctor for medical advice.

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