Bloom Community

Conscious Deep Connection and Mind Hacking

Oct 4th
2 AM - 4:45 AM

EVERY 1ST AND 3RD TUES - Live, in Berkeley!

(7 min walk from Ashby BART) 


So What is Deep Connect?

'Conscious Deep Connecting and Mind Hacking Community' meetings are more than just the cool new Bay-Area-style self-improvement, authentic communication meetup on the block. 

We will teach each other secrets to go deep, get real communicate better. We will guide each other and use this practice to expand into a new exploration of our lives - community, creativity, wealth, purpose, sex, and love.

Whether you are a 20/30-something techie seeking long-term partnership or a 50-something looking gain insight into your personal struggles, this is a chance to put away your cell phone, and be amazed by ordinary people. This is not a fake-being-happy workshop. Laughter and crying will be equally welcome.

Unlike some meetups that can be overly 'heady" or lecture-oriented, this is a 'Hybrid' Connection event. DC combines meditation, communication games, awareness-building one-on-one and group activities, and deep reflection; allow with a chance to connect and be social in a low-pressure environment. Walk in to grow with strangers, ...leave as friends. 🙂

Yurik Riegel - is a lifelong learner, biohacker, podcast and self-improvement workshop enthusiast, fitness-nut, and strong advocate for community. He has been studying meditation for over a decade and helped found and lead the TMC Men's Circle- which has now supported hundreds of men in living their purpose for the last 20 years. He has been a professional artist for over 15 years and has a dream of positive global transformation.

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