Bloom Community

Day Retreat: Breathwork, Yoga, & New Year Intention Setting

  • Hosted by The Optimist Collective
  • San Francisco, CA -
  • 35 people on the list-

Join us for an afternoon of nourishment & connection at The Commons in San Francisco.

This Day Retreat includes...

Satya Yoga Workshop & Dharma Talk with Leia Layus

We will begin with a yin style of yoga and move into a sensory awareness experience for yoga attunement. We will focus on gently opening the heart and stomach to balance the elements. We will then, wind down with meditative restorative postures and a community discussion reflecting on the practice.

Breathwork Meditation & Aromatherapy with Libby Craig

Breathwork has the power to move and shift energy, clear blockages, connect us more deeply with our intuition, and aid in accessing higher states of consciousness. Leave feeling grounded with greater clarity. You will be guided through a breathwork healing journey that incorporates active breathing, sound, meditation and visualization, and supportive aromatherapy.

Experiential Intention Setting with Ashley Frabasilio

This workshop will invite a moment of play and curiosity for us to get in touch with our intuition and set our intentions for the year. In this interactive experience, you’ll be invited to pause for inward reflection and create a physical manifestation of your intentions.

Integration, Discussion, & Light Bites in Community

We will wrap up our mini-retreat with our signature letter-writing practice. This is an opportunity for deeper connection inward with ourselves and with those on the journey with us — all while harnessing the unique power of being in community with other open-hearted humans.

The Commons is a third space dedicated to open-ended curiosity, co-created play, & collective flourishing in the heart of San Francisco - Hayes Valley.

The Commons is located at 550 & 540 Laguna Street, San Francisco, CA 94102

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