Decolonizing Eros Part 1: Community & Secure Attachment

Sep 27th
1 AM - 2:30 AM

Often when we attempt to re-write the script on how we would like to inhabit our erotic and relational lives we end up re-creating the obstacles present in mainstream society into the experiments that we hoped would liberate us. Sometimes we are left wondering why we still feel unfree and unsafe or why we are still struggling so hard. We fail to recognize the depth to which colonization lives in our bodies and the degree to which it impacts our sexuality and what we even see as possible in our relationships. We may end up having playful romps in the woods or cathartic experiences in workshop retreats yet never make the shift towards the verdant, empowered, and sustained erotic lives we yearn for.

In Part I of DeColonizing Eros, we will begin to unpack and explore the foundations of decolonization; Community and Secure Attachment. You will get an understanding of how imposed settler-colonial, dyadic/couple-centric models of sexuality and relationship inhibit erotic sovereignty and sustainable erotic relationships.

You will leave with a better understanding of how the original ecosystem of human relating, Community, actually supports secure attachment and erotic play. You will also receive concrete strategies on how to begin to weave aspects of Community into your life to support your erotic exploration and growth.

Host Bio

Victor Warring, MA is a Somatic (body-centered) Sexuality Educator, Mentor and Coach. He is passionate about supporting people in discovering the truth of their erotic sovereignty and removing any internalized or socially imposed blocks that interfere with the expression of their erotic brilliance. Victor is also a diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) educator and works with people in understanding the intersections where the body, sexuality, inclusion, oppression, and decolonization are interwoven.