Deep Love - Intimacy & Tantra Couples Workshop

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NOTE: This event is for couples only

Facilitated by Dominus Eros and Rev. Rucifer

Deepen your love by taking a leap into 4 part Intensive workshop that will have all your senses and connective sides on fire with passion. We invite all couples, play partners and close friends to come take part of this unique sacred spiritual class that will take your intimacy to the next level!

As you enter you will be greeted and do an opening circle to create the container for the immersive experience. You then will go through a 4 part workshop that will give you many tools to use in your intimate time together!

Part 1 - Tantric Touch: Explore the deep connection sacred spiritual touch can bring. Move the breath in intentional ways to create flow of energy from your root to your crown. Lay hands on your mate to open the heart center to loving touch. Tap into the elements to create balance and further nourish your bonded relationship.

Part 2 - Erotic Massage: We take our touch to the next velvet level by introducing hot oil body to body massage. You will learn how to play up erotic energy with full intensions of sensual touch that will rise to full body pleasure. You will learn to use not only your hands but all parts of your body to create a blissful head to toe experience!

Part 3 - Edging & Flow: Edging is a wonderful way to stay in an orgasmic state for long periods of time. Prolonged ecstasy can lead to dropping into a pleasure vortex where all time and matter just disappear. Using flow from patterns, frequencies and vibrations you will induce full body release that will catch wave after wave of unrelenting pleasure!

Part 4 - Sex Magic of Isis: We invite in and explore The Pathway of the Two Serpents which uses Sex magic to strengthen the energy of the spiritual body through accessing and activating pleasure and ecstasy. This ritual has the potential to create deep connection, presence and pleasure throughout your entire body and being.

Please arrive by 1pm, Doors close at 1:15 pm

$15 bottle of massage oil will be offered for purchase at class for you to take home.

The Experience: This is an in-person workshop in a beautiful and private studio space in Manhattan. The workshop will include 4 hours of discussion & instruction where you will be able to receive and explore new techniques and positions. If you desire, you may receive hands-on practice and demonstration. Address will be sent to attendees.

Intended Outcomes: We look to further your knowledge of each other by exploring in varied ways that can keep any relationship on the path to a deep and more loving lntimacy based connection.

  • Opening circle to get to know each other and set intensions for the workshop
  • You will be with your partner the whole class.
  • Practical demonstrations with time to practice skills & techniques
  • Class is nude inspired while receiving massage, but givers can be in underwear if you so choose, we do encourage a body positive environment so full nudity the entire time is welcomed if you are comfortable.
  • Squirting and internal point work will be shown
  • We will provide area to practice on, oils and other supplies
  • Mini breaks will be given
  • Closing circle with gratitude share

What to bring?

  • Proof of vaccination
  • You can bring a towel, sarong and shorts/t-shirt that you can wear when you need to use the restroom. 
  • open curious minds


  • Early Bird $225 - good for 1 couple
  • Classic $300 - good for 1 couple

Address given in email confirmation

NOTE: We encourage everyone to have an open mind as this is a fun, open and explorative learning environment. We practice and review informed & ongoing consent practices with an emphasis on mutual desire. This workshop is open to all gender identifications, sexual orientations and lifestyles.

This event is perfect and open for all experience levels. To comply with Covid-19 safety precautions, proof of vaccination is required to enter the space. Please bring your vaccination card or Excelsior pass. 18+ for workshops. Refunds must be requested 24hrs prior to the event.

Feedback From Previous Attendees

"What a spectacular event! Everyone was more than comfortable almost instantly, and Rev & Dominus did a great job both explaining and demonstrating techniques. What an incredible way to reconnect with your significant other!"

"As practitioners Dominus and Rev are pure joy. They provide a safe place to be Sex positive, what ever your desires are. It's not lewd, demeaning or mechanical. They teach from the heart and you won't find a better place to find your joy."

"If you want to improve your pleasure literacy, these are great workshops which cover a lot of material you didn't know you didn't know. I went away inspired!"

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