East Bay Poly Climbers 06/07

Jun 8th
1 AM - 3:30 AM

Come get your climbs on Wednesday, June 7th at 6PM at Touchstone's largest climbing gym, Pacific Pipe.

Form new belaytionships! Share some chalk, good vibes, adrenaline, giggles, and camaraderie with your fellow Poly/ENM climbing mates! All levels of climbers, aspiring climbers, and families are welcome.

If you are totally new to climbing, please plan on coming AT LEAST half an hour early for instructions on belaying and tying in as a climber. Alternatively- if you prefer to learn from the gym staff- there is an Intro to Climbing class at 6pm, as well. This class is free for members and $40 for non-members.

A day pass is $30. If you've been to a Touchstone gym before, a Touchstone gym member can reduce that price to $20. Members can also offer their monthly free pass for guests that are totally new to Touchstone gyms. Shoes and harness rentals are $5.

Parking at Pac Pipe is difficult so plan for it!

The lot directly next to the gym is full in the evening so I recommend not even pulling in to look for a spot. There's street parking around the gym and a larger lot to park behind the gym off of 20th st.

If you’re new to Touchstone climbing gyms or haven’t been in a while, please make sure to fill out the gym waiver (can also be filled out at the gym):

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