Ecstatic Dance San Diego Featuring Matt Cole

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Ecstatic Dance San Diego is back in Pt. Loma this Friday with San Diego local Matt Cole and warm up clowning workshop facilitated by Danielle Levsky

Ecstatic Dance is a community movement, a sacred space for you to explore, unwind and unfold your true expression.

Come be held by the dance floor, the music and the community, connect non-verbally with yourself and others and tap into the magic of this liberating movement space.

We are still fairly new to Bloom but have been holding dances in San Diego for around 10 years. Attendance is typically around 80-120 people, please don’t be thrown by the number of rsvps here on Bloom. Also consider stating yourself as going as it helps grow this community!

Location: 2650 Truxtun Rd, Ste 200

San Diego (upstairs on the left)

Doors Open at 8:00pm

Clowning Workshop

Facilitated Danielle Levsky

8:00pm -9:00pm

Join clown performer and educator Danielle Levsky for an all-levels clowning workshop, where we will bond together to unlock our comedic potential, infuse joy and creativity into our lives, find the rhythm of play, open up our imaginations, and create a community of celebration. Come experience new games and explorations we will build together to lead us into a playful, joyful, and of course, ecstatic dance experience!

Danielle Levsky (she/her) is a Post-Soviet, Jewish, and queer clown, writer, instructor, and producer who seeks to bring more discovery, wonder, joy, and truth into the world.

She is a certified clown teacher (The Clown School) and has taught classes in San Diego, Chicago, and in the virtual world. Prior to gaining her certification, she trained with teachers from Cirque du Soleil, Theater Unspeakable, the Neo-Futurists, Viola Spolin’s improvisational technique, the Ringling Brothers, and Commedia dell'arte master Antonio Fava.

Currently, you can catch Danielle performing, producing, and teaching clown around Southern California. Past collaborations have taken place at institutions like Diversionary Theatre (San Diego), The Conspirators (Chicago), Silent Theatre Company (Chicago), Prop Thtr (Chicago), and Alliance for Jewish Theatre (worldwide). Danielle also served as the Theater Section Editor for Chicago's Scapi Magazine.

Learn more about her teaching work here:

Ecstatic Dance Journey

Featuring Matt Cole

9:00pm - 11:00pm

Music tells a story, DJ Matt Cole artfully weaves song and sound to create chapter's that are engaging, playful, and highly danceable. Simply said, he is a dancer’s best friend.

Matt Cole’s love of crafting musical story began many years ago in Southern California, when he started out on vinyl with 3 turntables and a mixer. His worldly medicinal sound draws influences from cities such as Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Black Rock City as well as festival culture and Ecstatic Dance communities. He continues to incorporate many genres and styles to keep his music fresh and engaging.

As an intentional being who supports the vision of others, Matt Cole genuinely enjoys crafting sets to support performance elements. He is an involved and conscious collaborator, going far beyond the role of DJ and into the role of inspired co-creator. His deep affinity with the propitious power of music rings through in the beats he drops and his inventive and original style make him loved by music aficionados everywhere.


💦 Water to stay hydrated.

♾ Clothes that allow a full range of motion.

💓 A good attitude, open mind, and heart 

💸 $25.00 cash, credit or Venmo at the door. 

***10 and over age requirement, 17 and under must be accompanied by a guardian***


We are aware of the current health climate. We trust that those who feel called to attend feel safe doing so. If you feel at all unwell, or have been around anyone who is unwell please do not attend. If you are uncertain of your health status please get tested

Ecstatic Dance Agreements

1. Bare your feet (take off your shoes). Give respect to the floor and the space.

2. Speak with your body. Keep conversations off the dance floor. Explore non-verbal expression. Sound is welcome as part of the dance.

3. Respect everyone's body autonomy, including yourself. Witness a yes before touching someone (this is a non-verbal space). Be clear in your yes and no when offered touch. Approach from the front with integrity (and maybe some playfulness).

4. Be fully present. Leave your phones in your bag or by your water. Refrain from photos or videos in the space ~ so we can get weird as the moment calls.

5. Come sober, unaltered by substances. This is a drug and alcohol-free space. We dance together to pursue that emotional high.

Dance by yourself or with others. Work out emotion through dance surrounded by community. Dance with someone new. Continue to develop your dance expression with a long time dance partner or partners. There are many ways to be in this space.

To engage in a dance with someone, use sensitivity: Are they open to being in contact with me? Mirror movements, offer a hand, make eye contact, and see & feel how they respond...

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