Electro Erotic Ecstasy

  • Philadelphia, PA


electro - erotic - ecstasy.

a contemporary sex-positive bdsm and dance party.

experience the complexities of human connection through sound, sight, and physical touch. explore our diverse identities through uninhibited self-expression. move at your own pace as you experiment with tangible and intangible eroticism. come play with us.

dress code: fetish, latex, all black.


event is byob only. make sure to bring whatever you would like to drink.

venue permits full nudity and sex on premise. 



Dr. Octo-Pussy

DJ Dre

doors open 9pm. music 10-3.

insta @electro.erotic.ecstasy for rules, guidelines, and more information.

purchasing tickets can be confusing - you must make an account on the sns dungeon site before purchase. message with any problems or concerns.


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