Bloom Community

Empath/HSP Community, Friendship and Support Zoom

This is a peer lead zoom for building community, support, empowerment and friendship among empaths and HSPs.

Do you get told that you're “too sensitive”? Do you care about people, but need your “space” to feel like yourself? Ever feel like society and its values were not designed for you? Does burnout keep appearing in your life? Have you wondered if the treadmill of work, shopping, watch TV, and social media isn’t a sustainable lifestyle? Do you ponder the deeper questions in life? Do you feel that your care and sacrifice is often squandered on ingrates? Are you feeling a distinct lack of connection with others like you? Are you questioning whether you might be an empath or HSP? Then this group was made especially for you.

Once upon a time E/HSPs were given an honored position within society as seers, sages, and shamans. This is no surprise, because we offer perception, insight and support many cannot, but today, there is little enough support, appreciation and acceptance for us. In the modern world loneliness is at an all time high, narcissism is skyrocketing, and there's no support structure for people like us. We must work harder to get the support we needy, so we have to create it ourselves. Our society emphasizes conflict, competition, consumption, sensationalism, materialism, lookism, exploitation and generally the shallow end of human nature. We dwellers of the deep end can feel out of place amidst so much noise and haste. This group is for those who want to step up and take part in something besides the everyday hustle.

This is not just a safe space, but a courageous space for us to come together and be ourselves. A place where we can be fully self expressed without fear of being misunderstood. Come and be yourself without having to hide the best part of yourself away. Come to share your stories, your insights, your trials and triumphs. Come to give and receive support.

We’d love to meet you!

The Zoom link will be POSTED IN THE EVENT CHAT 30-60 minutes before the event.