Bloom Community

ENM Social for Queer, Femme, or Nonbinary identities

You asked for it so we are making it happen! Join us for a fun night out at the ENM Social for queer, femme, or nonbinary folks!

This event will be followed by the CatHaus Revue Burlesque show that begins at 8:30! This is a free show so tips are highly encouraged and appreciated.

We are located at Park & Rec which has hosted many great ENM events in the past. It's a great space to talk where we can hear each other and they have a few games to play as well.

Ethical Non-Monogamy (ENM) is the practice of having multiple connections with the consent of all parties involved. Relationship dynamics are different for everybody, and we want to create a space to learn more and get to know other people who are exploring it too.

Feel free to stop by whenever you can make it and make a new friend! We are here for the connections!

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