Exploring Kink As an Introvert

Oct 5th
11 PM - 1 AM

Class Description:

Being an introvert can be overwhelming on a normal day, let alone in a huge community full of folks who are expressing some of their deepest desires. Exploring the amazing world of BDSM may seem like a daunting task but it doesn’t have to be. This workshop is designed to help those who identify as an introvert to explore in a way that feels safe and comfortable for them. Let’s talk about ways to make friends or connections with potential play partners. Are you a Dominant who is also introverted? Seems impossible but they do exist and we’re going to discuss ways to manage both identities. In this class, we’ll also discuss every level of introvert from the new and nervous to the experienced kinkster who is still a bit shy.

Other topics to be explored:

  • Taking care of yourself and recharging your battery
  • Navigating conversations about play if you're shy
  • Advice for socially anxious people
  • Ways to help in opening up that aren't forceful
  • Tips for managing anxiety and panic attacks
  • Preparing for a new play partner
  • Techniques for how to mingle as an introvert

Regardless of gender identity, sexuality, relationship status, experience level, age, or race, all are welcome to join this class.

Presenter Information:

Miss Mackenzee is a trauma-informed International BDSM and Intimacy Educator, Certified Hypnotist, Kink Lifestyle & Professional Dominant Coach, Relationship & Sexual Wellness Coach, Content Creator, and Writer. She has been involved in the kink lifestyle, professionally and personally, for over 20 years and teaching for 15+ years. Miss Mackenzee is the founder of Crafty Goddess Gallery, which makes and sells beautiful one of a kind BDSM toys and furniture created from resin, wood, and metal. Mindfulness is a practice that she incorporates into her everyday life and enjoys helping others become more in tune with themselves and their partner(s). She teaches a full range of subjects including but not limited to energy play, Tantra, bondage, power exchange, reveling in pleasure, hypnosis, sexuality, and the art of sadism.

Miss Mackenzee is highly sought after for private lessons with individuals and couples as well as presenting at conventions and graduate programs at major universities. She has brought her experiences and skills to various organizations such as, Widener University, TES, SF Citadel, Dark Odyssey, Celebrity Cruiseline, VoxBody Studio, Filthy FemDom, Wicked Grounds, Black Thorn/Sacred Muse, SINergy, Kinky Kollege, Bound In Boston, YNot, SheBop, SADE, Adventures in Sexuality, ROPECRAFT, Weekend of Wickedness, Purple Passion, Rochester Erotic Arts Festival, Sexploratorium, EXXXotica, and many others.

She prides herself on creating a fostering environment that is safe from societal judgments for people to explore their kinks and sexuality. Each and every workshop is taught with passion and includes intentional energy. She welcomes people to be free and honest with themselves and their desires.

Instagram: MissMackenzeeagain

Twitter: @MissMackenzee