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Femme Dom Single's Game Night

  • Hosted by SheMagick Events
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Join SheMagick Events on Wednesday, March 22, for a night of connection and romance between Dominants (Femme, GNC, and Non-Binary) and submissives (of all genders). We'll be combining speed dating and games.

For the first hour, you'll have mini dates where you play a one-on-one or four-on-four game (Tic Tac Toe, Hangman, Connect Four, etc.) This will allow folks to meet intimately while having something to do.

For the second hour, we'll have game night as usual. Playing at various tables and mixing and mingling openly.

Snacks and drinks (both alcoholic and non) will be available for purchase.

Is this event for Poly and Mono folks?

Yes, "single" is expanded to mean anyone op

en and looking.

How will the speed dating work?

There will be a section for the Poly folks to speed date and for the Mono folks to do so. The dominants will stay in the same spot while the subs will move from spot to spot. You'll play simple games to allow for conversation and connection.

After speed dating, then what?

We'll all mix and mingle freely, playing more games and chatting as a whole.

Why is the dress code Fetish or Business Casual?

We want you to feel like you are dressing up for an occasion. You are coming to meet that special someone. Therefore in line with that idea, there should be effort made to show your peacock feathers and attract your mate(s). Come looking good!

As with all SheMagick Events this is an inclusive BIPOC and queer-centered space & event!

COST: $10 Venmo (@Shemagick) or $15 cash at door