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Fetish (Tuesdays )- Rope Bunny!

  • Hosted by payne production
  • San Francisco, CA -
  • 13 people on the list-

Tuesday At Powerhouse are kicking up the heat !

Bringing you a night of steamy fun, tasty drinks and kinky cabaret as we explore the world of kink and fetish !

it’s our monthly bondage night, and we will be focusing on beginner level bondage ties ! So bring some rope and let’s have some fun !


-Live go go dancers



beats by Dj Dakota Pendent

 hosted by the brat of Twitter WHISPER PUP

With a sexy contest 

Sponsored by :

EROS-the Center for Safe Sex and ByrdBeaks

Make your Tuesdays spicy by coming over to POWERHOUSE, because every Tuesday is CRUISDAY !

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