FREE! Leveling Up Boundaries

Mar 22nd
8:30 PM - 11:30 PM

“Yes” and “No” are some of the first words we learn as toddlers, and for most of us, we’ve often mixed them up ever since. As young children, the large humans who are our only source of food and comfort often do not appreciate the word “no.” We are expected to say “yes”, even when we don’t want to. We are socialized that saying “no” to certain things is insulting the asker and saying “yes” to other things has implications about our character.

Have you said “yes” when you meant “maybe” or “no?” We’ll explore what gets in the way of “no” for you - whether that’s caretaking, fear of repercussions, awkwardness, lack of practice, feeling “no” isn’t okay, or some combination of all the above.

Have you said “no” when you meant “yes?” This can happen due to shame over what we do desire, fears of being unable to say “no” later, concerns about social contracts and expectations, being told that playing “hard to get” is an appropriate course of action, or a myriad of other things.

Do you sometimes have difficulty even identifying if someone’s ask is a “yes” or “no” for you? You’ll be invited to explore the reality that a “maybe” is a “no” to that particular ask but not necessarily to that particular human being. We’ll explore ways to embrace your “maybe” as a “no to that, but yes to you!”

Other situations we’ll discuss and practice:

Has someone given you a “yes,” but something about their body language suggests that it may not be a “hell, yes!” for them?

Have you struggled with how to respond gracefully to another person’s “no” or “maybe?”

Have you opted to ghost or avoid someone due to difficulty saying “no?”


1:30PM Social Time! Bring healthy food and drink to share (no meat, hard alcohol, sodas, or candy, please)

2:00PM Meditation, Workshop, Q&A

4:30PM Closing - enjoy the hot tub, waterfall


Our normal COVID Care protocols apply for in-person attendees. Please take a COVID rapid test within 12 hours of attending and bring the results with you. If you're going to test at the Tree House, bring and wear a mask!


Cliff, MSC. His first profession was 20 years of teaching meditation to thousands of people all over the world (Iran, India, Philippines, Switzerland, US). He's studied Tantra since 1998 with Alan Lowen, is a graduate of Alan's 2-year Body, Heart & Soul Training, and has assisted Alan at dozens of week-long Tantra courses in Germany and Switzerland. Over the past 48 years, he's facilitated hundreds of workshops with tens of thousands in attendance on meditation, intimacy, sexuality, boundaries and presence.

Charity, PsyD. She specializes in trauma and interpersonal neurobiology. She applies what we know about the brain and mirror neurons to understand how attachment and connection interweave, and how genuine relating in the absence of defense mechanisms enhances capacity for self-knowledge. She is currently working on applying John Gottman’s work on relationships to different styles of ethical non-monogamy (ENM).

Their goal is to create a safe and nurturing space where you can explore your edges and learn more about your deepest self, desires, and relationships while unwinding the blocks that get in your way. All activities are entirely consensual.


Free! Hope to see you there!

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