Harnessing the Power of Gender Euphoria in the Bedroom

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Have you been having gender affirming sex? Do you feel celebrated in your gender (or lack thereof) when you pleasure yourself? We all deserve to feel affirmed and supported in our sex lives, but many of us don't feel that way. Join this class to explore how we can make our sex lives more gender affirming, supportive, and joyful. We'll consider the ways gender dysphoria can impact sexual health and relationships, as well as the power of harnessing gender euphoria and gender pleasure. Expect concrete tools, thoughtful prompts, and activities to try alone and with partners. Whether you're having solo sex or partnered sex, this class is designed to support any and all people who want to show up to sex embodied, fulfilled, and ready to play!

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Tuck Malloy (they/them)is a white, queer, non-binary, polyamorous sex educator. They are a certified holistic sex educator with 5 years combined experience as a sex-educator and sex-toy expert. In 2020 Tuck founded IntraSensual Education, an online education platform that offers holistic workshops and 1:1 coaching. They work with students to explore relationships, sensuality, gender identity, BDSM & kink, desire, pleasure, and all the many kinds of sex humans have! When not teaching or writing new classes Tuck loves to eat their favorite foods, play with their enormous dog, take naps, watch movies, and slay at karaoke.

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