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Guided Self-Tying with Ceci Ferox

Oct 5th
2:30 AM - 4:30 AM
  • Hosted by VoxBody Studio
  • Oakland, CA -
  • 25 people on the list-

VoxBody is beyond excited to welcome Ceci Ferox (Berlin) to town for a week of classes! We hosted several online classes with them in 2020-2021, and have had the honor of sharing their hands-front harness in several classes over the last year; to have them here at the studio in-person is a dream! 

Ceci Ferox will lead you on a journey of self-tying to reconnect with yourself and your body. 

The class will start with an emotional check-in and end in collective aftercare and sharing to give your solo practice some community support. You choose how you tie in this class while Ceci guides your focus and inspires you.

No experience necessary! This class is suitable for any skill level as the intention is to create a time and space for your practice. 

In the beginning, Ceci will show an easy way to get started with self-tying in case you have never tied before.

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About the presenter:

Ceci Ferox is a Berlin based queer, kinky and fat sexologist, kink activist, and rope nerd. They have been organizing rope events and teaching shibari since 2014, and a sex therapist since spring 2021.

Ceci teaches Japanese inspired rope bondage, BDSM and sexuality at Karada House, Berlin and internationally from top, bottom and switch perspectives. They draw on their expertise as a community educator to bring people together when teaching. Ceci‘s goal is to create safer spaces for people to communicate through rope and kink.

Ceci likes to deconstruct tying technique and communication into their basic elements to understand them better. In their tying and BDSM practice they focus on curiosity and exploration of interpersonal dynamics, empowerment, pleasure, stillness and growth. Ceci is a huge nerd who wants to understand rope in microscopic detail and in the vastness of human experience.

Find Ceci on IG @ceciferox and

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