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House of Black Non-Monogamy Discussions. Let's Discuss ENM & Learn!

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This discussion group is open to anyone who is curious about or already active in an ethically non-monogamous (ENM) lifestyle including open relationships, swinging, multiple D/s dynamics, and polyamory (hierarchical, non-hierarchical, solo poly...)

Struggles in ENM relationships often grow out of unclear expectations, passive communication, and a resistance to being accountable for your own emotions. This group is intended to be a resource for understanding and participating in these lifestyles from an emotionally healthy lens, for exorcising mononormative cultural conditioning, and ultimately engaging in personal growth. Expect to be challenged on issues of codependence, boundaries v rules, radical honesty, and others.


SilentMoon aka Jason & Emily...We have been in the kink lifestyle for about two years together and of those two years 1.5 of it has been in the ethical non monogamy realms. Jason has had experience in both kink and poly aspects from previous relationships. We’ve been members at HOB for about the same time & we’ve been poly so a year and a half. As part of the swinger lifestyle we have familiarity with soft and hard swap. In the poly lifestyle we date together and separately, so we are familiar with the benefits and struggles with each aspect. We look forward to moderating the conversation for this group!

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