Humanist Gathering - "Thinking it All the Way Through"

Humans have an incredible capacity for critical reasoning, and when we use it, things always end up better than when we don't... the trick is getting us to use it more often! At this convocation of The Assemblage of Areté we'll talk about how to get ourselves into better habits of thinking things all the way through, and how to set a better example to society around us to do the same. Come attend to get inspired and motivated, and to meet great people who share your values!

Our doors open at noon for food and socializing, and then our meeting starts promptly at 1pm. We have follow-on meetings after the main meeting for anyone interested in sticking around for less formal discussions about Aretéanism and how to put it into action! Feel free to stay for those, or show up only for those! Show up at 2pm for the Fire Quorum meeting, or show up at 3pm for the Water Quorum meeting.

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