Humanist Holiday - "Hydromera" - Breakfast Waffles!

Every year, near to the Northward Equinox, Aretéans gather in their communities to celebrate everything they symbolically associate with the Classical Element of Water: the holiday of "Hydromera"! In preparation for this joyous occasion, for the two weeks prior to the holiday, Aretéans live ascetically, forgoing many luxuries so that the celebrations of the holiday will seem even sweeter. After two weeks of deprivation however, we're ready to break our "fasts" with breakfast!

Come join us for a traditional breakfast of blueberry waffle bites dunked in berry syrups, fruit salad, and tea to start the day!

Our doors will open at 8:30am, we'll officially end the period of asceticism (called ascetation [ask-uh-tay-tion]) together at 9am sharp, and then the waffles will be served at 9:15am.

After breakfast is thoroughly enjoyed, we'll do some arts and crafts together to make holiday decorations, and then at 11am, we'll watch the Pixar movie "Luca" to take a break while staying on our holiday theme of water.

We'll continue to have events throughout the rest of the day; look for our other Meetup events to RSVP for:

• Our main holiday "religious" services and lunch at 1pm

• Boating at Lake Murray at 3pm

• Spring cleaning our meeting place and a giant potluck party at 5pm! It'll be lots of fun all day!

Newcomers are very welcome to come check us out, and don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions!

Be Excellent to Each Other, and Party On!

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