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Incantation celebrates 30 Years of Blasphemous Death Metal! They are one of the leaders in the New York City death-metal scene. Though they are no longer NY based, their vertigo-inducing, ever-spiraling blackened mass of death metal malevolence is as expansive, infinite and bleak as the coldest, darkest reaches of our universe.

Suffocation are widely recognized major innovators of death metal. They had a massive influence on the genre and pioneered the balance between brutal and technical sounds commonly heard in modern death metal. Frank Mullen is considered as one of the most emblematic death metal vocalists as well as one of the first to use a very deep "death growl" vocal style.

Skeletal Remains honors the decades old relationship between underground metal and independent horror! Their style is rooted firmly in the turf of early '90s death. However it's their own personal stamp, accomplished writing, and modernized edge that ensures Skeletal Remains are recognized as modern masters of the old school sound.

Stabbing are a Texas based, brutal death metal band who's themes revolved around gore, torture, murder and depravity! Relative newcomers to the scene, they're getting noticed for Bridget Lynch's tortured vocals and the bands technical expertise.

DJ Bleeding Priest: Known worldwide for his day job, the drummer of Bay Area Thrash legends Death Angel, DJ Bleeding Priest (Will Carroll) will be playing his fav tracks from his extensive Metal vinyl collection before, between and after the bands. This will be his first appearance back in the Bay after completing the Death Angel Worldwide Tour!

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