Bloom Community

Intimacy In Community with Victoria Angel Heart

Oct 4th
2:30 AM - 4:30 AM
  • Hosted by The Center SF
  • San Francisco, CA -

Intimacy In Community is an evening of embodying belonging and deepening connection.

Experience the magic of Intimacy In Community—an event where the essence of belonging and profound connections come alive.

If you've ever yearned for that deep sense of connection with others...

If you crave genuine depth over surface-level encounters...

If you seek to nourish and be nourished, paving the way for mutual thriving...

Prepare to be embraced by a warm, inviting atmosphere that feels like home.

At the heart of this transformative event lies the exploration of intimacy within oneself. Through powerful embodiment practices, we learn to fully embrace our authentic selves and show up exactly as we are. But it doesn't stop there. We embark on a collective journey, where meditation becomes a catalyst for forging a unified field of loving awareness. From this sacred space, we take the plunge into immersive experiences that nourish every facet of our being—heart, body, and spirit.

Get ready to unleash your voice in melodic harmony, delve into the depths of meditation, engage in gentle platonic touch, and master the art of deep presence, listening, and attunement.

All identities are celebrated and warmly embraced. Introverts, those who aren’t super touchy-feely, and folx who belong to the global majority are especially welcome. This space will give you options and choice so your nervous system can calibrate to the level of safety you need to thrive.

Early bird tickets $33

Day of tickets $40

Testimonial from previous event participant:

"I came to the event feeing skeptical and if I’m honest, a bit judgmental. I was confident there would be moments in the program where I would be downright unwilling to participate.

The first exercise was emotionally excruciating- I could barely hold an eye gaze for 3 seconds without anguish. However, after each exercise, I kept surprising myself with how vulnerable I was able to be with these people I just met. By the end of the night my head was in a man’s lap and he was massaging my scalp. 0% chance I would have believed you if you told me that was going to happen… I credit that openness I was able to access to her unique approach. Using humor, personal storytelling, demonstrations and affirmations, she took me from “this is way too woo-woo- not for me” to “wow, I actually want more of this!” By the time the workshop came to a close, Victoria had created a community from a group of complete strangers. It was quite a spectacular thing to witness. I highly recommend!"

Victoria Angel Heart, M.Ed, CMT-P, is on a mission to bring people into their heartspace through music, meditation and embodied intimacy work. Since 2019, Victoria has worked as a professional Cuddler, supporting tech guys in the Bay Area to relieve their stress, connect with their bodies, and experience nurturing, unconditional love in a safely held container. Now, she integrates professional cuddling into her embodied intimacy coaching programs that help burned-out, stressed-out guys reconnect to their bodies & hearts and learn new ways of experiencing and sharing pleasure. She’s studied sexological bodywork, neo-tantra, somatic sex education and the Wheel of Consent, and is certified in both NLP and EFT. Trained at UCLA as a mindfulness meditation teacher, she’s a featured teacher on the Insight Timer app, where she’s taught over 20,000 students live and has half a million plays of her meditations and music. She’s been singing professionally since she was nine, and has been leading Kirtan and sacred music since moving to Maui in 2018. Tracks from her debut album Into The Heartspace, produced by Grammy-nominated producer Ben Leinbach, are available wherever you stream music. To find out more about Victoria, please visit or IG victoria.angel.heart

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