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It’s a Queer Date!


“It’s A Queer Date” is your hottest comedy dating show where at each show, four singles go on a blind date in front of a live audience.

Back to Brooklyn by popular demand!

Everyone and anyone (doesn’t matter if you’re single or not as long as you’re 21+) can come and watch the show, but if you are single and interested in being a main contestant, fill out a short application HERE.

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Never been to It’s A Queer Date? Here’s the gist:

The audience meets the contestants and pairs them up in the first half of the show. Then they watch as the couples go on their first dates in the second half.

The crew, all professional comedians, will be there to offer humorous comments and help the contestants break the ice. The audience, single or not, will be encouraged to chime in at any time — whether to voice an opinion, share a story, ask a question or even change the course of the evening.

The dates are completely real and nobody knows what can happen. Will the show be raunchy or romantic? Sexy or wholesome? We won’t find out until we find out.

*By agreeing to purchase a ticket to the show, you hereby agree to our appearance release and participation agreement. You will be granting It’s A Date, LLC permission to take motion and still pictures, record of your voice and any sound made by you and to use the footage and materials in the development, production, distribution of the show and in the advertisements and promotions for the show without any monetary compensation. The show will not disclose your biographical information, social media and other personal identifications.

This is a 21+ event

Presented by C’mon Everybody.

You can get a refund if:

  • This event is rescheduled or cancelled