Juanita MORE! Pride 2022

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Juanita MORE!’s Pride Party is the most anticipated event during June in San Francisco.

With the donations raised through this years Juanita MORE! Pride 2022 party, the Q Foundation will use those contributions to continue their important work throughout San Francisco and spearhead the following new initiatives:


Q Foundation has gone through the internal process to position itself to start acquiring residential real estate this year and has over $1M for the down payment. Their attorneys are creating a socially responsible real estate investment fund to work in tandem with their affordable efforts. (This is one of the more logical ways to secure stable housing in cities where gentrification tends to proliferate.)


Q Foundation is building the Grindr of finding roommates inspired by my groundbreaking Facebook group Juanita’s List. In addition to finding roommates, there will be a focus on reducing one of the main points of friction between roommates: paying the bills. A main point of distinction will be their ability to include novel ways to access rent help when a roommate is short on the rent.

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