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Kink Fashion by The Art Of Indigo (Jason Moss)

Oct 7th
11:30 PM - 3 AM
  • Hosted by Siren Pack
  • Philadelphia, PA -

An evening of Fashion from Jason Moss's new wearable art and Burlesque by the wonderful performers of SirenPack, Shay Au Lait and Core Elysian. The evening will be hosted by the superb MC Topanga Turk

Jason is not only a painter, sculptor but also a very talented wearable art designer. This time he has created an entire line of clothing in his style of post apocalyptic dystopian reality. An ultimate blend of art, form, function, necessity, and kink elements!!! There will be a runaway and performances for everyone to enjoy and try a thing or two.

And if you have seen SirenPack performing before you know that these are acts not to miss. They bring all the excitement and energy and keep you wondering where can you see them next.

All the clothes will be available for purchase. And for those of you who can't wait to try their new bought items right away our resident photographer has agreed to do a fashion photoshoot with you right there and then.

Jason’s philosophy is simple; art is nourishment for the consciousness of the soul. Art is about passion, spiritual and personal growth, and seeing beauty in the chaos of everyday life. Letting the vibrant colors and textures direct and inspire to convey the brutal emotion of the subject matter, he intuitively translates the relationship between the artist and the medium. His art is transformative. Jason shares his own experiences with addiction and mental illness, through failure and redemption by exploring brutally honest bold colors and vibrant erotic textures. He exposes the brilliant lights and the darkest truths and allows each piece to complete its evolutionary journey to fulfillment.

Tickets are limited and nonrefundable.

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