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Knotty Rope Jam


Join us on Dec 7th for the next Knotty Rope Jam @ EBCS!

Come socialize, connect, and learn some new ties! We will have some community rope available for use and will also be onsite selling rope and toys.

We have hardpoints available for suspension!! Feel free to participate in the workshop or jam on your own. The space and time is free for you to use as you desire.

EBCS has a sauna and showers. Bring your own towel if you would like to partake!!! The Dungeon will be open for play!! Tea Service will be held upstairs. Feel free to bring drinks/food. Fizzy water and light refreshments will be provided. There is a fridge onsite. Music will be provided by some of our favorite local community musicians. The dungeon space will also be open and available to use.

History & Description:

Welcome to The Knotty Scouts, a vibrant community of shibari enthusiasts hailing from the Bay Area! Join us for our monthly Knotty Rope Jams, typically held on the first Thursday of every month. Our jams are designed to be enjoyable and inclusive, catering to all skill levels. With multiple secure hardpoints available for suspension, we provide a safe and supportive environment to explore your desire for human connection thru shibari.

Each month, we offer an hour-long workshop covering a wide range of topics, from acro shibari to intricate BDSM ties. Our events are play-friendly and offer a clothing-optional atmosphere, allowing you to express yourself freely. To ensure the comfort and consent of all participants, a comprehensive consent speech is delivered at every jam. This speech will give you the tools that will allow you to interact with people in this space and beyond.

Capture the artistry of your shibari experience with the help of our talented resident professional photographers. They skillfully create stunning, artistic shibari photos for interested participants. We prioritize privacy and respect individual preferences. For those who prefer not to be photographed, wristbands are provided, and all photos are thoroughly reviewed and approved before being shared on our private event page.

For further information, please don't hesitate to reach out to Krissy Mahan or Celina Diaz Borquez. We are happy to answer any questions. In addition to our monthly rope jams, our Knotty Scout Leaders are available to conduct workshops beyond our regular events.

Come and join The Knotty Scouts community, where the art of shibari thrives, connections are forged, and boundaries are respected.


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