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Dance as Medicine presents KR3TURE w/opening by Troy Dayton

  • Hosted by DJ DZ
  • Albany, CA -
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Dance as Medicine presents KR3TURE!

We are proud to announce a very special night with performer/DJ extraordinaire KR3TURE with an intro embodiment/connection experience by Troy Dayton.

The event is from 8-10pm, doors open at 7:40pm

Tickets are $28-40 (tiered pricing)

For the first 30 minutes of the show, KR3TURE will collaborate with facilitator Troy Dayton in building potent group coherence through a series of embodiment and connection practices that will help us feel a more salient connection to ourselves, each other, and to the magic of existence. So much of a live show is about the people who show up and the energy they share with each other and the musician. Spending time at the beginning to build that vibe intentionally can potentiate the transcendance and magic that is possible.

And then we dance our hearts and souls out with KR3TURE, the phenom saxophonist/guitarist/DJ from Santa Cruz who has been performing all around the country and world with the likes of Dirtwire, Balkan Bump, Random Rab, Moontricks, Morillo, Saqi, Yemanjo and more.

+ we will have food vendors and clothing vendors including Lisa Hartnett, Ruthie Elizabeth and more...


Eclectic, eccentric, and fun are some words that describe KR3TURE (“Creature”), a multi-instrumentalist & producer from the mountains of Santa Cruz, CA. By blending live instruments with deep bass, KR3TURE makes powerful & emotive music that is positive, gritty, and heartfelt. He creates his own signature sound of soulful and sublime bass music, making bodies move & spirits lift. His live performances are full of energy and excitement as he improvises on guitar and sax, often getting down to dance with the audience.

Troy Dayton has spent his life building community and studying human connection. In addition to coaching people who want more inner peace, vitality, and purpose he also produces private invitation-only transformational parties, retreats, and festivals. He is the creator of the Be The Drug: Generating Altered States Via Human Connection workshop. He also a Senior Advisor to Tactogen, a company developing an MDMA alternative into a prescription medicine. Troy co-founded Students for Sensible Drug Policy, The Arcview Group, CanopyBoulder, and BurnerMap. He also served in leadership roles at MAPS and the Marijuana Policy Project. He is a 20 year burner and has been to more personal growth, sexuality, and embodiment trainings than he can count.

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