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Let It Go: A Community Breathwork Journey

  • Hosted by The Center SF
  • San Francisco, CA -
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A heart-centered breathwork journey with an emphasis on community and connection.

Hi, I'm Dan,

Join me in coming together for an inclusive evening of breathwork where we will explore our energetic selves with an emphasis on heart-centered community. Together, we will create and hold a safe container of transformation where we can let go of heavy or stuck emotions and make room for the vitality and passion of our innate life force through the opening of our hearts.

Breathe into all that you are, and let go of all that you are not.

What to expect:

After an intentional opening circle, we will begin the practice by lying down and breathing with this active breath pattern for 30 minutes followed by 10 minutes of rest with an evocative musical journey to carry us through.

This breathwork pattern is often accompanied with emotional release. Clearing energy through breathwork means feeling emotions. This may include experiences of stuckness, frustration, anger, fear, grief, peace, joy, laughter or bliss. What we are doing here is using active breath to open our perspectives beyond the limitations of the mind and ego. This allows a more direct connection to our embodied wisdom and our innate life force and passion. From this place, our bodies release stuck energy (anger, fear, grief) to make more space for flowing emotion and creative energy (joy, bliss, vitality, passion). Together, we will create a safe, loving container to feel and express these emotions.

Why community? This method of breathwork is further magnified and supported while in community. Together, we create a field of safety and support where we give each other permission to feel our deepest expression and be together in our authentic nature. Since many past wounds happen through relationships, healing also occurs in relationship. I believe that when we feel a sense of community and support, we have the courage to open our hearts. ❤️

This experience is for you if:

- You feel stuck, frustrated, loss, loneliness, or other heavy emotions.

- You know you're on a healing journey and are wanting to discover new approaches and modalities.

- You've done breathwork before, you know how awesome it is, and are ready for an energy refresh.

- You want to strengthen your sense of heart-centered community and emotional support.

- You've never done breathwork before but a friend suggested you try it 😉

What to bring:

- water bottle

- journal

- eye mask (optional)

Note: If you eat dinner before the event, choose a lighter option and opt to eat less.


Please show up on time, the container will close at 7:40pm.

- arrival, opening circle and brief check-ins (30 min)

- breath (30min) + rest (10 min)

- closing integration circle + nourishing snacks (20 min +)

- we will likely end early - spaciousness is a gift - If you like you may stick around to connect in community to further integrate your experience.


Who is Dan?

I'm a former senior manager in the world of tech, turned Somatic Counselor and community space holder. Before I discovered breathwork, I spent most of my life living in my head. Feeling passion was an intellectual experience rather than an embodied one. Feeling sadness was numbing, rather than a flowing emotion. When I was introduced to breathwork, I experienced a sense of trust and knowing that it was helping me expand into deeper love, creativity and purpose. I committed to a reoccurring breathwork practice and it opened up my life in ways I could not previously understand.

Fast forward a couple years: I trained to become a facilitator through David Elliot's breathwork training program and offered community breathwork journeys for 2 years up until the pandemic began. During the pandemic, I used this time to complete a 2-year training in Hakomi Somatic Psychology - a focus in somatic healing skills for therapists and somatic guides. I am further deepening my skills with trauma informed study of the shadow, the collective unconscious, archetypal energy, and Soulful living through enrollment at Pacific Graduate Institute.

I currently practice Somatic Counseling, where I help individuals befriend the wisdom of their bodies through a somatic approach of Self-discovery which increases emotional capacity, resilience, intuitive clarity, and creative abilities.



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