Sep 22nd
12 AM - 3 AM
  • Hosted by Le Organizer
  • Brooklyn, NY -

A Tantalizing Social Event

I invite you to my iteration of a social event for those seeking non-traditional relationship dynamics. We are social beings; multiple studies have detailed that being involved in groups makes things better! We need friends and social interactions. In addition, social interactions are critical for our mental health. If you're a newcomer, we welcome you with open arms.

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At Liaison, you'll be able to: for those

  • Develop confidence in social settings
  • Improve your person-to-person communication skills
  • Make emotional connections
  • Convey your feelings authentically
  • Meet new and fellow sex-positive folks
  • Play interactive games

Meet new and seasoned non-monogamists, polyamorists, fetishists, dominants, submissives, and hedonists, to name a few.

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Be presentable yet comfortable as the weather is warm

Code Of Conduct

  • Consent is the top priority.
  • You must not touch anyone or their belongings without consenting first.
  • Consent can be given or taken away at any time.
  • Do not drink to the point of intoxication. If you get too drunk, we will send you home and restrict you from future events if necessary.
  • You'll receive a lifetime ban for any racist, prejudiced, Slut-shaming, homophobic, or transphobic behavior. No exceptions.
  • Be courteous, smile, and respect people's boundaries.



ID required for entry

  • Transportation

We're conveniently a short walking distance from the C train at Clinton-Washington Avs.

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