LIVESTREAM Squirting 101: A Lecture by Lola Jean

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An exhaustive and comprehensive lecture on squirting from the squirters POV....

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Squirting is one of the most searched terms on prn websites. Something bodies have done for centuries yet it has never been fully explained. Forget what you saw on porn or heard from “that guy” who claims he can make everyone woman squirt. The truth is: there is VERY little reliable research and science conducted on squirting. So who can we turn to in this time of need? Enter your Squirting Superhero… Lola Jean holds the world record for Volume squirted within a one minute period by ejecting 1250 mL out of her body in under 25 seconds.

So yeah.... you're gonna want to learn a thing or two from her. From the classic questions / greatest hits of - 'is it pee?' and 'can everyone do it?' to more complex questions of - why would someone want to squirt in the first place? is it better than an orgasm? and who is it really for?

What is squirting? Where does it come from? Can everyone do it? Everyone is welcome to this deep dive on squirting, anatomy, the benefits, realities as well as anecdotal experience....

Lola uses both her knowledge and collaborations from scientists, doctors, fellow educators and most importantly - her own body. Lola has worked with countless individuals on understanding their squirting prowess. It is a matter of muscle group, not come hithers. That doesn’t mean everyone who attends this class will soak the bed by the end of the night. Squirting, much like sex, is a journey.

How to Please Someone with a Vulva

The body is intricate, complex, and beautiful. Every vulva is different, like a snowflake. While there is no "one size fits all" techniques when it comes to pleasing a vulva owner there are many tried and true techniques, tips and tricks to use like an explorer on an expedition.

Learn the art of communication when it comes to making a lover feel safe, comfortable and valued. Take inventory on their responses to understand what type of approach and touch is best suited for them. Instructor Lola Jean will teach a few hand manipulation as well as oral techniques that can be well applied to any type of penetration or external stimulation.

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