Bloom Community

Love Rituals for Couples

Nov 8, 12 AM -
Dec 13, 1:30 AM

6 Tuesdays on zoom, Nov 7 - Dec 12

4 - 5:30 pm pst/7 - 8:30 pm est


Join us for guided body rituals and communication skills to deepen your partnership. Create a steady rhythm of weekly quality time together in a group of loving couples. This will be an intimate group of 8 to 10 couples who are able to log in to zoom together from the same physical location.

Our 6 sessions include:

1. Felt sense of secure attachment

2. Art of acknowledgement and seeing from the heart

3. Sensation and energy play

4. Deepen intimacy through relational repair

5. Ask for what you want

6. Sex magic ritual for personal and collective aliveness

This is for you if:

You and your partner are committed to creating a life together and you have been partners for at least 1 year. You are interested in exploring erotic pleasure, secure attachment, and body ritual. Gender magicians, queer, BIPOC, kinky, poly folx, dancers and spiritual somatic explorers are encouraged!


1. Connect with other devoted couples

2. Create more safety and felt secure attachment

3. Feel more alive together in your bodies

4. Grow your capacity to see and be seen

5. Deepen your trust and permission to ask for what you really want

6. Engage your conflicts as a way to heal and build intimacy

7. Open your hearts through sex magic

8. Connect with a love that is bigger than you, that flows through your partnership

Note: you may choose to go off camera if you and your partner want more privacy during the intimate rituals. Recordings will be available if you miss a session. You are encouraged to come live.

About the facilitators:

Julia & Z met in 2017, through Touch&Play, a dance festival exploring the relational body. We were both teachers and organizers for several Touch&Plays at Earthdance in Western Massachusetts and at Earthaven in Asheville, NC. We learned so much about the successes and challenges of cultivating healthy relationships as well as the sacred interplay between partnership and community. Our relationship has evolved through different stages including exploring a triad together, dear friendship, collaboration, teacher/producer, teacher/assistant, and co-teaching. We are delighted to collaborate for this series.

Z (aka Zahava Griss, they/them) is the founder of Embody More Love, a spiritual kinky dance community for personal and cultural liberation. Z facilitates Play with Power & Gender through Dance, 3 month immersion in Sebastopol, CA. Z is also a Love Coach for individuals and couples interested in secure attachment, polyamory, gender beyond the binary, conscious dominance and submission. Z has been dancing since 1982, training in ballet, modern, West African, Middle Eastern, Sufi dancemeditation, burlesque and contact improv. Z has had the honor of dancing with the Joffrey Ballet, Katherine Dunham, Urban Bush Women, Tania Isaac, Wanjiru Kamuyu, and Mana Hashimoto. Z trained at the Juilliard School, Tisch (NYU), NCSA, Alvin Ailey School, Princeton Ballet, Sarah Lawrence College, Liz Lerman Dance Exchange, Oh!ni Sowa (Ghana), and Marie Basse Wiles (Senegal.) Z is certified in Yoga for Birth, Esalen Massage, Deep Bodywork, Urban Tantra, Pilates, Health Coaching, and Femme. Z is a coach and trainer with the Academy for Coaching Excellence. Z was a founding organizer and core teacher for the international festival Touch&Play as well as a touring performance artist and author. Z directed Spiritual Nourishment for Conscious Activism in collaboration with Deepak Chopra and has been listening to, speaking in, and facilitating spaces to acknowledge and transform white privilege since 1999, including work with the People's Institute for Survival and Beyond, the Re-Evaluating Counseling community, the national White Privilege Conference, and co-organizing the White Privilege Symposium. Z co-founded White Folks Soul, By Any Dance Necessary, a dance company exploring the incompatibility of wholeness and the race construct for white people. 

Julia Taylor (she/her) is an artist, dancer, mother, and community leader, dedicated to cultivating a vibrant culture of liberation. As a Somatic Experiencing® practitioner, mediator, and group facilitator, Julia loves accompanying folx on journeys of transformation and lasting change towards the wholeness, resilience, authenticity, and connection they long for. The space she holds is relational, embodied, and trauma-informed, bringing curious attention to what the body and nervous system has to say about what’s going on, and what is needed to support presence and integration in any given moment. She is a passionate advocate for cultivating radical-self-love, pleasure, and the felt-sense of secure-attachment as powerful medicine and antidotes to the oppressive culture and experiences that inevitably, and differently, impact us all. Over the last many years, Julia has delved deeply into studying, practicing, and facilitating within the rich territory of relational repair, consent, and communal response-ability. Drawing guidance and training from the teachings and practices of restorative and transformative justice movements, compassionate communication, polyvagal and attachment theories, Julia continues to ask how we can better show up with integrity, attunement, and capacity to respond to ourselves, our intimates, and our community. Julia has 20+ years of exploring, teaching and collaborating in the field of dance, deep play, and improvisational movement, especially that which emphasizes presence and attunement, including the modalities of Contact Improvisation, Authentic Movement, & Butoh dance. She was the founding organizer and a facilitator of the Asheville Touch & Play festival, as well as several other related gatherings focused on bringing together the fields of art-making, embodiment, eros, social justice, kink, spirituality, relational skills, and community building. She has been loving to engage and support the depthful exploration of that fertile terrain again through assisting Z with the last two Play with Power & Gender through Dance.