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Lustful Desire

  • Hosted by Venus Cuffs
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Lustful Desire is back 1/27 from 9:00pm-4am as a full scale play party at a private location that brings a bit of old school grit back to the party. We believe in keeping the vibe energized yet chill in a non-judgmental zone so everyone is comfortable and feeling free. Cum for the good times ;) 

Consent talk: 11:00pm

DMs can be identified by the glowing pieces they will be wearing. They will be pointed out to you once you arrive. 

This party is for Adults 21+ With proper ID. 

No photos of ID. 

There are a flight of stairs to access the venue.


Cups, mixers, and ice will be available to everyone at no additional charge. 

Strict Dress Code: Fetish Attire, latex, Leather, Lingerie, underwear, etc. No street wear, sneakers, jeans, caps, sweatpants, etc. You will be turned away at the door if you aren’t dressed appropriately for this party.

Photography: Strictly Prohibited. All phones must be put away at all times. 

Consent is Mandatory. Any unwanted touch, any harassment, discrimination, interruption of scenes, following people around hoping they “give you a chance” etc. you will be removed from the event and possibly banned. Seriously. Don’t f*ck it up! 

Payment is accepted via Cashapp only.

Message to RSVP.