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Marin’s Mt. Tam: Poly Hike

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Marin’s Mt. Tam: Poly Hike

Saturday, January 28, 2023 at 10:15 am

This event is for non-monogamous people (and allies) who want to build community while in nature. This event is open to all and not just members of Bonobo.

Lake Bon Tempe trail is a loop just over 4 easy, picturesque, and flat miles that runs along the lake’s shore. Half of the trail is exposed and the other half through a forest. Moderately paced walking completes the train in 1.5 hrs.

We will start promptly at 10:15am. You’re welcome to show up at 10am to meet and mingle with other hikers. We are hiking rain or shine.

After the hike, for those who’d like, in the small and fun town of Fairfax through which you drive to get to the lake, there are a few eateries and breweries.

A few important items:

- NO cell nor texting reception once you enter the park. 

- There is an $8 day parking pass fee. Bring a credit card or cash. The machines are located just past the Ranger’s hut if a Range isn’t there. THEY DO TICKET.

- Dogs are permitted but must be on leash. THEY DO TICKET.

Check trail details below. Make sure the hike is suited to your current level of fitness. 

We hope to see you there! 

FAQ Mt Tam Lake Bon Tempe FAQ

DIRECTIONS to parking lot: Google directions to Lake Lagunitas Parking lot

Note: We are *parking* in the Lake Lagunita Parking Lot which gives us easy access to the Lake Bon Tempe trail head. à We are **hiking** the Lake Bon Tempe loop trail in the counter clockwise direction.

Bon Tempe Lake Loop Trail Information

We are hiking the Lake Bon Tempe loop trail in the counter clockwise,must%20be%20on%20a%20leash.&text=Mount%20Tamalpais%20Watershed%20charges%20a%20fee%20to%20park

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